Turnkey Solutions for Power Plants: Streamlining Energy Generation Projects

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In the power generation circles, there seems to be one concept that is exciting everyone – Turnkey solutions. When you want to execute an energy generation project and are looking for the best solution, you will most likely come across this term.

As industries diversify and evolve, the need for turnkey solutions in energy generation has increased. If you have been wondering how to streamline your energy generation goals, a reliable turnkey solutions provider may be all you need.

As experts in turnkey solutions for power plants, we would like to share about the components of these solutions and how the solutions can benefit you.

What are turnkey solutions for power plants?

In power generation, turnkey solutions are the secret to advancement and efficiency. They provide a comprehensive approach to the optimization of energy generation and related processes.

By a simple definition, a turnkey solution is a premade system that you can implement without additional development or personalization. To implement it, the solution provider ought to have undertaken thorough groundwork so that the user can apply the solution to their existing setup without any problems.

You may wonder why these solutions are referred to as “turnkey”. This term comes from the fact that these solutions are only waiting to be turned on for operations to begin.

When it comes to energy generation projects, the role of these solutions cannot be emphasized enough.

Turnkey Solutions for Energy Generation Project

Implementing a power plant for whatever application can be a daunting task because of the many inconveniences and complexities one has to navigate. Fortunately, there is an answer in turnkey solutions for power plants.

Ideally, this solution places all the responsibilities of a project on one party, thus relieving the project owner of these challenges. Unlike the conventional approach, the responsibility of the project lies solely on the contractor.

Consolidating all aspects of the energy generation project is a key element of the turnkey solutions for power plants. Imagine a situation whereby a single party handles power plant design, contracts, development, and commissioning elements. The result is streamlined energy generation that brings benefits to the project owner.

To help you determine if this kind of project streamlining is for you, it is important to identify its components and the capabilities it brings to energy generation.

Components of Turnkey Solutions for Power Plants

Turnkey energy generation solutions comprise several components, from the power-generating equipment to the monitoring technologies.

Power Source – The Diesel Generator

The diesel generator is the main source of power for the power plant in our turnkey solutions. Others may use turbines, solar panels, or any other applicable power source. We supply, install, and maintain quality diesel generators. Our installation expertise and experience are vast, so we can handle all types of setups. This includes configuring multiple diesel generators where sizeable power output is necessary.

System Control

The turnkey solutions for power plants require control and monitoring too, whether locally or remotely. Over the years, various technologies for system control have emerged and thereby enhanced control to unimaginable levels.

What are the options for system control? There are several including mobile applications and SCADA systems. Your system control choice depends on factors such as budget, technical expertise, and availability of the technology.  

We have extensive experience in incorporating relevant system controls for the overall cost-effectiveness of the turnkey solution for power plants.

Engineering infrastructure

Turnkey power plants comprise various categories of infrastructure, the main ones being the electrical and mechanical components. We have extensive capability to deliver quality infrastructural design and installation for fuel supply, exhaust, cooling, and related systems.

Our design, installation, and maintenance services for the alternator, diesel engine, wiring, and all the other engineering infrastructure are unmatched.

Supporting systems

The turnkey solutions for energy generation projects are incomplete without supporting or auxiliary systems. Here, we incorporate features for safety, power backup, automation, and others.

Reasons Turnkey Solutions Make Sense

Do the cost, timeline, and power quality from the turnkey solutions for power plants match your requirements? As you ponder over this, here are reasons why these solutions may be what your business needs:

Reliable performance

Demand for uninterrupted power for various operations can be challenging to meet amidst utility unreliability and the intermittency of renewables. Turnkey solutions for power plants based on our diesel generators deliver the required availability and reliability.


Turnkey solutions for energy generation are the ideal way for businesses to adjust their power supply depending on the prevailing demand. For instance, if operations expand, these solutions allow for the addition of units. Our diesel generator units are easy to install, so these adjustments are fast and the operations are back within no time.

Timely Power

Talking of ease of installation, turnkey solutions are relevant for a business that cannot afford to lose time due to power unavailability. Utility providers and other third-party solution providers may not manage to supply the required capacity in time. Even if they did, it would most probably cost an arm and a leg, and take some time to complete. In comparison, our diesel generators can come up within weeks or months, making the realization of project goals fast.

Cost-Effective Power Generation

The cost-effectiveness of these solutions is attractive to many users. Compared to conventional approaches, these solutions allow the users to implement energy generation projects with cost certainty. As the project owner, you can confidently compute the return on investment of the project. 

As you consider the suitability of turnkey solutions for your energy generation project, remember to analyze the specific requirements of your project. Power supply from our turnkey solutions for power plants is flexible, cost-effective, reliable, and risk-free.

For more on the ideality of this strategy, contact us today.