Turnkey Projects

What is Turn Key project for Power Plant

  • Precision Industries provides full complete cycle of Turn Key solution.
  • A Turnkey project for a Power Plant refers to a comprehensive solution provided by Precision Industries, encompassing the entire project cycle. It includes design, engineering, procurement, manufacturing, supply, installation, testing, commissioning, as well as after-sales support, spare parts supply, and long-term maintenance contracts for generator sets.Precision Industries offers a single-window solution for turnkey projects, which involves not only the generator sets but also the Balance of Plant (BOP) components. The BOP scope includes various activities such as:
    1. Supply of Generator Sets with Synchronization/Totalizing panel.
    2. Installation of Generator Sets at the site, whether in an open or closed type configuration.
    3. Ventilation system design for open-type generator installations, ensuring proper airflow in the generator room.
    4. Acoustic treatment of the generator room to minimize noise levels.
    5. Exhaust ducting and thermal insulation to manage and control the generator’s exhaust gases.
    6. Complete Fuel System, including day and bulk tanks, fuel transfer pumps, fuel filling cabinets, and fuel piping.

    In addition to the above, Precision Industries can also cater to other turnkey project requirements, which may include:

    1. Supply, installation, and commissioning of LV (Low Voltage) and MV (Medium Voltage) switchgear.
    2. Supply, installation, and commissioning of Ring Main Units (RMUs).
    3. Generator sets with pneumatic starting systems for specific applications.
    4. Trailer-mounted generators with transformers for step-up or step-down voltage requirements.
    5. Truck-mounted generators suitable for emergency power and disaster recovery systems.

    Precision Industries ensures that all aspects of the turnkey project, including the generator sets and associated equipment, are meticulously handled to deliver a complete and integrated power plant solution.