Rental Power

Are you looking for the best rental generator price in Dubai and the UAE? Precision Industries introduces its new range of customized and specialized generators designed specifically for rental applications — all at affordable prices. If you’re looking for the cheapest rental generator in Dubai, we’re here for you. 


Don’t be fooled by generator rental costs. Despite the competitive pricing, we have an unmatched focus on efficiency, durability, and performance in harsh environments. Our rental power generators provide exceptional returns on investment. We prioritize a rental power generator just like a permanent one. 

Key Features of the Precision Rental Series

  • Heavy duty, large capacity, and segmented fuel tank: robust construction and large fuel tank capacity for extended operation, reducing refueling frequency and maintenance needs.

  • Easy handling with a filled tank: designed for easy transport and deployment, even with a filled fuel tank, ensuring convenience and user-friendliness.

  • Multiple external utilization sockets: equipped with multiple external sockets for versatile equipment and power distribution needs, enabling easy connection to various devices and systems.

  • Integrated sliding ladders: convenient access for servicing and maintenance with integrated sliding ladders.

  • Lube oil top-up system: automatic maintenance of proper engine lubrication levels to enhance reliability and longevity.

  • Protection relays: monitoring and safeguarding against electrical issues for safe and reliable operation.

  • Enclosure with motorized louvers: motorized louvers for automatic ventilation adjustment, optimizing cooling and temperature control.

  • Fuel leakage detection sensors: early detection and alert system for potential fuel leakage, enhancing safety.

  • Anti-condensation and jacket-water heaters: ensure optimal performance in challenging environmental conditions.

  • Reconnectable alternator with 12 ends: versatile power output customization based on specific requirements.

  • Tank synchronization provision: parallel operation of multiple generators for increased power output when needed.

  • Remote annunciator and GPS: enables remote monitoring, control, and tracking of generator performance and location for efficient management and security.

At Precision Industries, we are dedicated to providing top-quality rental power solutions. Instead of searching for (power generator rental near me), search for PI Dubai rental generators.

Our rental power generators are designed and built to deliver reliable performance, durability, and efficiency for various rental applications.

If you’d like to know more about our generator rental cost, reach out to us with any inquiries you have.