DWQA QuestionsCategory: Power SystemsWhat Systems Are Powered By the Emergency Distribution System?
Pi Team Staff asked 6 months ago
Any system that runs on electricity can be powered by emergency distribution systems (EDS). However, some systems are more essential than others when the primary power is out. These include but aren’t limited to medical machinery, traffic lights, and data centers.  Further, the number of machines that can operate per system depends on the emergency power supply system design. For example, an emergency system designed for a house won’t be able to power up a hospital or a factory. Here are the critical systems that often get powered by emergency backup power  

Hospital Machinery

Hospitals are among the institutions that can’t go without power. Should the primary power grid lose power for any reason, emergency backup power must be available to save the lives of patients.  

Transportation Systems

It’s not uncommon for an entire neighborhood to lose power. However, critical systems like traffic and tunnel lights must have backup power. Otherwise, there will be tens of accidents if the power goes out.  

Critical Communications Systems

Emergency phones and intercoms must have access to power at all times. If such systems lose power even for a few minutes, fatal consequences could occur.  

Data Centers

Data centers are known to have tens of servers that need constant power and cooling to prevent them from overheating. When the power goes out, these systems must have backup power to prevent the corruption of important data.   

Fire Alarm and Safety Systems

Emergency sprinkles and smoke detectors are rendered useless without power. Since fire hazards can cause the loss of primary power, it becomes paramount that these systems must have access to emergency backup power  

Security Systems

Backup power is vital in financial institutions like banks and vaults. Surveillance cameras and alarm systems must stay operational in case of a blackout to prevent theft.  

Elevators and Lifts

Some establishments provide auxiliary power to elevators and lifts in case the primary power goes out. This prevents accidental entrapment of passengers that could potentially last for hours.   

Factories and Industrial Sections

Modern factories utilize advanced machinery and systems that effectively produce their products in the form of cycles. Such factories should have access to emergency backup power generators to at least finish the current cycle and safely bring the equipment to a halt.   

Final Words

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