DWQA QuestionsCategory: ATS SwitchWhat Is the Disadvantage of Automatic Transfer Switch?
Mostafaaa.menaaa@gmail.com asked 6 months ago
An automatic transfer switch or an ATS is considerably more expensive than a manual transfer switch. It’s also a lot more complex and harder to install and maintain compared to an MTS.  

Why an Automatic Transfer Switch Can Be Daunting

In this section, we’ll delve a little deeper into the disadvantages of automatic transfer switches and why you may reconsider before purchasing them.  

The Cost 

One of the main deterrents for buyers is the price. While a manual transfer switch might cost up to $800, an ATS can go as high as $2,500.  

Complexity and Maintenance

Automatic power switches are much more difficult to install compared to their manual counterparts. Unless you’re a qualified professional, installing and wiring an ATS is extremely difficult. Incorrect installation or wiring may lead to disastrous power effects.   

Slower Switching Time

In some cases, an ATS may have a longer switching time, taking up to five seconds to transition from primary to emergency power. However, a high-quality ATS from a reputable company like Precision Industries typically switches in as little as one second.  

Accidental Activation

Due to the difficulty of installation, there’s often a chance for incorrect wiring. The problem with improper wiring is that it may not manifest immediately after installation. This may lead to the illusion of proper activation that may manifest later as accidental activation.  

Potential for Power Surges

Accidental activation can also cause an unexpected load on the wiring system, leading to potential power surges if the wiring isn't robust enough.  

Final Words

Despite having some disadvantages, the truth remains that the advantages of an automatic transfer switch for battery or generator backup outweigh the disadvantages. Further, except for the price, all of the disadvantages arise from faulty or improper installation, something you won’t face if you purchase and install your ATS through Precision Industries.  Make sure to pay a visit to our official website to see what we have to offer.