DWQA QuestionsCategory: Power SystemsWhat Is the Difference Between a Power Inverter and a Power Converter?
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An Inverter converts Direct current or DC into Alternating current or AC. Conversely, a converter, also known as a Rectifier, converts Alternating current into Direct current. Both devices are useful whenever you have a power source with a voltage that’s not compatible with the device you’re trying to power up. (Example: an AC power source and a DC device/appliance).  

Power Inverters and Converters: An In-Depth Comparison

Now, let’s look at things a little deeper.  

Power Inverters

Inverters transform direct current (DC) power into Alternating Current (AC) power. Think of it as a magical adapter that turns battery juice into usable wall-outlet electricity.  Common types include 12V DC to 120V AC inverters used in vehicles to power electronics and solar inverters that convert DC from solar panels into AC to run household appliances. Inverters are usually present in solar-powered systems, emergency power generators, and cars.  

Power Converters

Converters, also known as transformers, excel in changing voltages and frequencies between AC and DC currents. They can even transform AC to AC, just at different voltage levels. The term “power converter” is a broad term for a device that changes the voltage, current, or frequency of an electrical power supply. Includes both AC to AC and DC to DC converters. DC-DC converters step up/down a DC voltage to another DC voltage. Commonly used to convert higher voltages from a car/truck/RV battery (12V-24V) down to a lower voltage (5V, 9V, etc.) to power electronics. An example is a 12V to 5V USB car charger, which is a DC-DC converter that allows you to charge mobile devices from a 12V vehicle electrical system. Converters are present in your everyday gadgets, phone chargers, laptop adapters, and voltage regulators – all rely on converters to adjust power for optimal performance.  

Final Words

Both inverters and converters can manipulate power, but they do so in different ways. Inverters are adapters that turn battery power into usable wall-outlet electricity. Alternatively, converters are used to adjust power for your gadgets and they play an important role in power grids.  If you’d like to know more about power generation and conversion, pay us a visit at PI Dubai. Further, if you need a reliable source of emergency or backup power, don’t hesitate to browse our storefront to see what we have to offer.