DWQA QuestionsCategory: ATS SwitchWhat Is the Difference Between a Manual Transfer Switch and an ATS?
Mostafaaa.menaaa@gmail.com asked 2 months ago
The difference between a manual transfer switch and an automatic transfer switch or ATS is the seamless transfer between primary and emergency or auxiliary power. An ATS wiring doesn’t require manual switching of power, ensuring an instant switch to emergency power.  

Why Is an ATS important?

ATS is important in sectors where a constant, uninterrupted supply of power is required. This may not be a critical value in residential districts, where a few seconds of manually turning on the emergency power won’t harm you. However, it’s critical in the following scenarios:  


The medical sector relies heavily on uninterrupted power supply to ensure optimum performance of potentially life-saving equipment. Hospitals often have multiple emergency generators on standby to provide backup power should the main power be lost for any reason.  However, if there’s too long of an interval between losing main power and acquiring emergency power, many lives could be threatened.  That’s when an ATS can be a lifesaving measure. By seamlessly switching from primary to backup power, hospital residents will barely notice that the primary power has been lost.  

Industrial Sectors

Various industrial sectors like factories and oil derricks perform countless mechanical operations that require uninterrupted power.  If a vital process like a product assembly is halted even for a few seconds, the entire production line could be jeopardized. That’s why automatic transfer switches are irreplaceable in this case.   

Data Centers 

Data centers are another crucial firm where uninterrupted power is paramount. Without an ATS wiring, data centers risk losing chunks of critical data if the power is cut out. Even with emergency power generators available, the few seconds needed to perform a manual switch can be devastating.   

Final Words

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