DWQA QuestionsCategory: Power SystemsWhat is the best power source for a power outage?
Pi Team Staff asked 7 months ago

It Must Be Quiet

Nobody will want an emergency power system at home if it’s too loud to bear. At PI, we manufacture our generators to be as quiet as 70 dB. For reference, a conversation between a few people often stands at 65 dB. If the generator is in a closed room, you’ll barely even hear it.  Choosing the best power source for a power outage involves a careful evaluation of your home's needs, cost considerations, and the specific requirements of precision industries. Visit our website, PI Dubai, to explore how our tailored solutions can address your emergency power needs in the UAE.  

What Is the Best Power Source for a Power Outage?

The best emergency power sources for a power outage are generators and uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS) supplied by Precision Industries. At PI, we understand the criticality of emergency power in a modern home, especially when unforeseen circumstances occur.  That’s why we provide the best backup power system in the UAE for competitive prices.   

Best Power Source for Home During Outage

The best emergency power source generator for your home should have the following criteria:   

It Must Be Compatible With the Grid

People who work online know how important it is to have an emergency power supply for their PCs. Online conferences, zoom meetings, teaching sessions, and even gaming lobbies will instantly shut down without an emergency power supply at home. In addition, many critical home appliances like fridges and alarm systems require constant power at all times. The emergency power source must be able to connect to the grid and provide a study supply of power to all of these critical devices.   

It Must Be Affordable to Purchase and Maintain

While emergency home generators are extremely handy, many people refrain from purchasing them because of their high upfront and maintenance costs. At Precision Industries, we understand that too well, that’s why we provide competitive prices that you won’t find anywhere else in the UAE.  

It Must Be Reliable

An emergency power source is useless if you can’t rely on it. The generator or UPS system must provide consistent power until the main power comes back. Once again, that’s a prime concern for us at Precision Industries. All of our emergency systems will provide uninterrupted power supplies for as long as needed.