DWQA QuestionsCategory: Power SystemsWhat is the Best Power Source for a Power Outage?
Pi Team Staff asked 2 months ago
The best power source available to use at any given time is emergency power diesel generators. They don’t need to store power like batteries, and they don’t need the sun to operate like solar panels. Here’s why diesel backup generators stand out:  

Low Maintenance Requirements

Diesel generators are often compared to gas generators and solar panels, but the former triumphs when it comes to maintenance requirements. Unlike gas generators, which require frequent maintenance, and solar panels, which require constant cleaning, diesel generators offer better durability with few maintenance requirements.  Diesel generator maintenance is often limited to oil and filter changes, which are done less frequently compared to gasoline generators (assuming that proper inspections are done). Further, diesel generators can run reliably for hours without requiring major servicing.   

Cleaner Fuel (Compared to Gas)

Diesel generator fuel may not be as widely available as gasoline, but it’s still available enough to be reliable.  Diesel generators are less likely to produce hydrocarbons compared to gasoline counterparts.   

Lower Noise

Diesel generators are far less noisy than gasoline generators, averaging 70 dB compared to the average 90 dB produced by a gasoline generator.  This feat is achieved thanks to fundamental differences between combustion cycles. The mufflers are also more effective at suppressing sound on diesel engines. This allows larger diesel generators to be placed closer to occupied buildings with less noise interference. Further, you can utilize acoustic soundproof generators for even better noise control in critical facilities like hospitals.   

Can Be Linked Within a Bigger System

Diesel generator sets can be connected via control panels to provide an easy oversight of the operations. This allows for the integration of multiple systems, like automatic transfer switches Such switches can quickly utilize emergency power if the primary source of power is lost for any reason, providing a smooth, automatic transition.   

Final Words

Diesel generators are formidable tools to assist when the main power is lost. Their reliability, low sound, easy maintenance, and cleaner fuels provide for optimum backup power, even for longer periods. Discover various customized emergency power and diesel generator options at Precision Industries. Reach out to us through email at info@pi-dubai.com, or call our 24/7 numbers at:


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