DWQA QuestionsCategory: ATS SwitchWhat Is the ATS Switch Mechanism?
Pi Team Staff asked 6 months ago
The automatic transfer switch (ATS) mechanism involves detecting the loss of the primary power supply and immediately switching to the emergency power supply that’s connected to the ATS. The automatic transfer switch wiring has a built-in power detector that can sense power interruption, voltage drops, or any fluctuations in the primary power source. Once an abnormality is detected, the ATS will draw power from the emergency power generator or battery rather than from the grid. Here are the benefits that can be gained from using an ATS:  

Automatic Transition Between Power Sources

Unlike manual transfer switches, automatic transfer switches immediately switch to the emergency power source. Depending on the quality of the ATS, this translates into seamless, near-instant, or short-delay transfer between primary power and auxiliary power.  While the speed at which automatic switches operate can vary, they are all faster than manual transfer switches.  High-quality automatic switches will seamlessly switch to the emergency power. Such switches are often used in critical institutes like hospitals, where power flickers can damage medical equipment.   

Preserving Machine Circuitry

Power outages aren't the only danger to machines. Unstable power grids can cause flickering and voltage fluctuations, which can harm and possibly destroy the internal circuits of machines over time. In other words, automatic transfer switches are useful not just during power outages but also when the power supply is unstable.  

Cost Savings

Automatic transfer switches save the machines from potential damage, which in turn helps save repair and maintenance costs in the long run. Further, these switches remove the need for dedicated personnel who may be responsible for manually diverting machinery to auxiliary power. Automatic transfer switches can also function as manual transfer switches, so if you already have an automatic transfer switch installed, there's no need to install a separate manual transfer switch.  

Final Words

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