DWQA QuestionsCategory: Power SystemsWhat is an emergency power supply system?
Mostafaaa.menaaa@gmail.com asked 6 months ago
An emergency power supply system utilizes one or more generators or batteries to provide emergency power for a home or an industrial sector when the main power is disconnected for any reason.  Precision Industries is a Pioneer in the UAE and surrounding areas when it comes to providing reliable and stable emergency power systems for homes and industrial sectors alike. Precision Industries can provide the best power supply system design using the grand collection of available generators.  

Precision Industries Emergency Power Generators: Features 

While there are specific specs and features for every generator, the following features can be found in every emergency power generator at Precision Industries.  


PI has one of the best emergency power supply system designs in the UAE. The high versatility of the designs allows all generators to withstand harsh weather elements and be easily maintained.  

Ease of Integration

PI generators are universal and can be easily integrated into home or industrial power grids. Pair that with our professional installation team, and you have a water-tight emergency power solution.  

Reliability and Consistency

Most of our generators are either equipped or can be equipped with automatic transfer systems (ATS). This allows for a seamless, seemingly instant transition between the primary and emergency power source. In other words, you may not even notice that you’ve lost the primary power until you hear your generator running, which leads us to our next feature.  

Quiet Performance

All closed emergency generators you can acquire from precision industries have a noise level that ranges between 65-75 dB. For comparison purposes, a regular conversation between three people emits 60 dB of noise, and your average vacuum cleaner at home can create up to 85 dB of noise.  The emergency power supply system is a meticulously designed infrastructure that ensures continuous power during critical moments. Visit our official website at PI Dubai, browse our storefront of over 130 products, and reach out to us with any questions you have.