DWQA QuestionsCategory: GeneratorsWhat are the selection criteria for diesel generator set?
Pi Team Staff asked 5 months ago
The selection criteria for diesel generator sets include the power requirements, fuel and running costs, maintenance costs, size and weight, and noise levels. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the selection criteria to help you make an informed decision before purchasing your next diesel generator.  

Power Requirements

Your primary concern before purchasing a generator is identifying how much power you need. In the diesel generator language, this power is measured using kVA (kilovolt-amperes). Theoretically, 1 kVA equals 1,000 volt-amps. However, not all of the kVA translates to usable power due to energy losses under practical scenarios. As such, you need to size up your power requirements and factor in the possibility of future expansion of your power grid, which may require getting a stronger generator or purchasing several generators.  You should also choose a generator designed for your expected usage pattern, which could be continuous or intermittent, as not all generators can handle non-stop work for long durations.   

Fuel and Running Costs

Diesel generators are known to be 25-40% more fuel efficient than traditional gasoline generators. However, you still need to put the duty cycle into account. Will you use the diesel generator for emergency backup power, or will you use it as a primary source of power?  Evaluate the fuel consumption and efficiency of the generator at various load levels to see whether the selected generator will stay within your operational fuel budget.   

Maintenance Costs

Diesel generators require less maintenance compared to gas generators, but choosing a model that doesn’t align with your power requirements will nullify that advantage. That’s because diesel generators that work overtime will require more maintenance. If frequent maintenance isn’t within your budget, you may end up damaging the generator. As such, choose a model that aligns with your maintenance capabilities and schedule.   

Size and Weight

You should choose a generator that fits your available space. If you’re using the generator for construction sites or remote operations that are frequently on the move, consider adding portability or at least ease of transportation to your list of requirements.   

Noise Levels

Diesel generators are often silent, but not all of them can be as silent as needed. For noise-sensitive environments like hospitals, consider getting an enclosed or containerized, sound-proof generator to minimize the noise.   

Final Words

Diesel generator sets are an overall better choice than gas generators, but that implies choosing the proper model that fits your power needs, fuel and maintenance costs, and sound requirements.  If you need backup power solutions, Precision Industries has the answer. Reach out to us with any questions you have, and we will tailor a plan specifically for your needs.