DWQA QuestionsCategory: Power SystemsWhat Are Emergency Sources of Power?
Mostafaaa.menaaa@gmail.com asked 6 months ago
Emergency sources of power can be generators or uninterruptible power systems (UPS). These systems can be installed at home or in industrial sectors to provide emergency backup power when the primary source of power is lost for any reason.  Because of how important it is to maintain emergency power, there are certain characteristics for an emergency power source to be considered reliable.   

What Makes an Emergency Power Source Reliable?

Here’s what an optimum power source should be like:  

Power Continuity 

The difference between a regular generator and a reliable power generator is continuity. If a generator isn’t able to maintain a stable source of power, it can’t be considered reliable.  At Precision Industries, we recognize this fundamental aspect. Our premium-grade generators guarantee uninterruptible backup power, fueled by diesel, ensuring continuous operation when you need it most.  

Power Efficiency

Some generators may be able to maintain stable power but at the cost of high fuel consumption. Once again, that’s not something you’ll have to worry about with Precision Industries.  Our generators are known for their high efficiency, lasting up to 60 hours on a full tank.   


Despite having over 130 different products to choose from, PI still offers customized solutions to suit all your needs.  We specialize in providing containerized generators tailored for remote locations where adverse weather conditions pose a challenge.   You can also reach out to us so you can get a customized solution based on your needs.   


It’s difficult to imagine that a premium-quality range of generators can be affordable and accessible to most people. Fortunately, we have that in mind at Precision Industries. Our product list takes all budgets and requirements in mind. You’ll surely find a generator that suits your needs.   


Emergency power sources are getting more and more popular. Diesel power generators are especially popular in this regard. If you’re looking for a diesel power generator for sale, Precision Industries should be your next destination.  Pay us a visit at PI Dubai so if you’d like to know more.