DWQA QuestionsCategory: GeneratorsHow Do I Protect My Diesel Generator?
Pi Team Staff asked 5 months ago
You protect your diesel generator by providing it with the right type of enclosure along with proper ventilation. You should also utilize diesel generator safety devices like surge protectors to protect your generator from electrical issues.   

Diesel Generator Safety Checklist 

Here are the generator room safety requirements to provide the optimum protection:  


Enclosures are paramount for diesel generator protection in open areas where the devices are exposed to weather elements, like rain, snow, wind, and direct sunlight.  However, the enclosure shouldn’t be completely sealed, as this can cause overheating, potentially damaging the generator components in the long run.  You should also use weatherproof generator covers when the generators aren’t in use. These covers provide complete coverage with no ventilation, offering maximum protection against weather elements.   

Anti-Corrosion Coating

Rain, water, and other elements can leak into the internal components and cause irreversible damage. As such, even if enclosed, the generator itself should be covered with an anti-corrosion coating.   

Elevation and Drainage

Generators should always be elevated above the ground level. This protects against any pooling that could occur around the generator.  Pair that elevation with proper drainage around the generator using gutters to direct any liquid away from the generator.   

Grounding (For Stormy Areas)

If your generator is in an area with frequent storms, you must ground it to prevent lightning damage. Grounding involves connecting the neutral electric conductor terminals of your generator to the ground using low-resistance metal wires.  Generator grounding isn’t typically a DIY project. It’s recommended to consult a professional for such a job.   

Utilize Heaters (For Cold Areas)

If your generator is installed in extra cold or snowy areas, you may experience issues while starting up the generator. Block heaters can remedy the situation by preventing ice formation or fuel gelling in low temperatures.  You may also use fuel additives to prevent fuel from solidifying in snowy areas.   

Additional Protection Tips

The following tips will further enhance your diesel generator protection and ensure its efficiency:
  • Clean your generator regularly to prevent dirt-related damage and issues.
  • Protect your generator against theft by installing locks, alarms, and motion-detecting lights. 
  • Regularly maintain your generator by inspecting and replacing any faulty or weary components.
  • Train your technicians on diesel generator hazard identification and risk assessment to catch and address any issues before they get bigger. 

Final Words

Getting the maximum efficiency and longevity is paramount for your diesel generator’s safety, However, it all starts with purchasing a high-quality generator. If quality and affordability are high on your requirement list, please reach out to us at PI Dubai, where quality meets excellent service.