DWQA QuestionsCategory: GeneratorsHow do I Choose an Industrial Generator?
Pi Team Staff asked 2 months ago
You choose an industrial generator based on your power requirements, features needed, required sizes, and other considerations. Here are the boxes to tick before purchasing your next generator:  

Power Requirements

Industrial generators often come in sets to provide enough power. To choose the more suitable one, you should calculate the total wattage or kilowatts needed to power your essential equipment. Consider the future expansion and surge loads and add a 20-30% buffer to compensate.  You should also determine whether you need primary, inverter, or standby generators. This will affect your choice since generators for different requirements will run for different durations.  Standby generators are permanently installed for emergency power to a building. Standby generators are used when emergency power is needed. Inverter generators produce cleaner power for electronics.  

Features Needed

Depending on your intended use for the generator, you should consider the features you need. Fuel tank capacity, run time, noise level, emission compliance, and safety features like automatic transfer switches (ATS). You should also decide on key generator features. These include sound attenuation, corrosion-resistant enclosures, multiple voltage & outlet options, cold weather packages, connectivity platforms, and extended warranties.  


Mobility is also a feature you should consider if your work site is constantly on the move. Portable generators are often smaller and less powerful than full-sized diesel generators. However, the latter ones are now manufactured with portability in mind. Despite not having wheels, they can be loaded and transferred at speeds up to 80 km/h.  

Additional Considerations

Here are some extra considerations to keep in mind:
  • Local regulations: Check for noise level limitations and installation permits.
  • Warranty and support: Opt for a reliable brand with a comprehensive warranty and readily available service providers.
  • Budget: Compare costs of different models, including initial purchase, installation, fuel, maintenance, and potential upgrades.

Final Words

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