DWQA QuestionsCategory: GeneratorsDo Diesel Generators Run Longer Than Gas Generators?
Pi Team Staff asked 5 months ago
Yes, diesel generators run longer than gas generators since they burn less fuel. They’re typically 20-40% more efficient since diesel engines require less fuel to produce the same power their gas counterparts generate.  Here’s a detailed breakdown of why diesel generators provide more longevity than gas generators:  

Fuel Efficiency

We mentioned earlier that diesel engines require less fuel to produce more power, and that’s primarily because of the increased density compared to gasoline.  Higher density means that one liter of diesel has more potential energy per unit of volume than one liter of gasoline.   

Compression Ignition

The overall design of diesel engines is better at handling fuel than gasoline generators. The compression ignition principle ignites the fuel using the high temperature generated by air compression in the combustion chamber.  This process generates higher compression ratios compared to gasoline generators, which have lower compression ratios. Higher compression ratios provide better fuel efficiency.  However, this process isn’t possible in gasoline generators because excessively high compression ratios in their engines can lead to premature ignition (knocking).  


Diesel engines usually have better low-end torque characteristics when compared to gas engines. Having low-end torque means the engine is more efficient when consuming fuel while handling heavy loads. As such, diesel generators are more efficient during extended operation periods.   

Is it Cheaper to Use a Diesel Generator?

Yes, using diesel generators is cheaper than using gas generators, and that’s not only because of the aforementioned reasons. Diesel fuel is often less expensive than gasoline, so you won’t only save money while using it, but also while buying it.  Further, diesel generators have fewer maintenance requirements than gas generators because their fuel is considered cleaner with less precipitation. It’s worth noting that diesel generators have a higher upfront cost, but they’re still more cost-effective in the long run.   

Final Words

Diesel generators can run longer than gasoline generators, provide better efficiency in the long run, and have less impact on the environment. Further, the fuel costs less and its cleanliness makes it easier to maintain the generator.  If your business requires diesel generators, we can provide you with the optimum quality you’re looking for at PI Dubai We have an extensive product list to suit all needs, and we even provide hybrid generators for a cleaner source of power.