DWQA QuestionsCategory: GeneratorsCan You Use a Light Tower as a Generator?
Pi Team Staff asked 5 months ago
Technically, yes. You can. Some light towers are essentially diesel generators with a lighting component. As such, some light towers can function as small generators.  Light towers are mobile units with lighting fixtures mounted at the top of a tower. They’re used in construction sites or outdoor areas where temporary lighting is needed.  Keep in mind that the mechanism of some light towers is dedicated solely to illumination. Such towers can’t be used as generators.  On the other hand, some light towers are equipped with integrated generators to power the lights. In that case, the generator runs on fuel to generate enough power to operate the lights.   

Can I Rely on Light Towers as Generators?

The short answer is no. Generator-powered light towers can function as smaller generators when emergency power is needed, but they’re not designed for this purpose. Here’s why it’s not recommended to continuously use light towers as power generators:  

Limited Power Output

Despite having dedicated generators, light towers usually have smaller engines and alternators compared to dedicated generators. This limits their total power output, which isn’t suitable for continuous high-power applications.   


The majority of light towers prioritize lighting over power generation. Upon using them as power generators, they will consume more fuel for the same amount of power compared to dedicated generators.   

Wet Stacking

Running a light tower for power generation continuously can lead to wet stacking. Wet stacking is a condition where unburned fuel accumulates in the exhaust system, causing inefficient combustion and potential engine damage.   


Using light towers as power generators isn’t the primary purpose of their design. As such, they may require more maintenance.  

Overall Cost

Using a light tower as a generator to handle an emergency is a more affordable option than buying a dedicated generator. Still, this approach should only be used when there’s no other option available.  Continuously substituting a dedicated generator with a light tower will eventually damage the engine and increase maintenance intervals and damage control costs.   

Safety Concerns

Not all light towers are equipped with the same safety features as dedicated generators like overload protection or automatic shutdown. This is because light towers aren’t designed to handle such load, so there’s no point in providing such assurances with their purchase.   

Final Words

Light towers can be used as emergency power generators as long as they’re equipped with standalone generators. However, this option should only be used in case of an emergency.  Whether you need a dedicated diesel generator or a light tower equipped with powerful KUBOTA or PERKINS diesel Gensets, Precision Industries will meet your needs.