DWQA QuestionsCategory: ATS SwitchCan You Manually Operate an Automatic Transfer Switch?
Pi Team Staff asked 6 months ago
Yes, you can. In the majority of cases, there’s an ATS (automatic transfer switch manual)  override that you can use. While these switches are built to automate the diversion of power from the primary grid to the backup power generator, manual override allows the switch to be used when the automatic diversion feature is broken or not working for any reason.  Utilizing the manual mode can vary between different ATS brands. Yet, the overall steps remain more or less the same. Here’s how it works:   

Step 1: Locate The Manual Override Lever

Start by identifying the ATS location. It’s labeled “manual transfer” or “manual override.“ Oftentimes, it’s a lever that has a cover to protect against accidental activation.  

Step 2: Disconnect the Power

You should turn off the primary power grid and the emergency backup power source (typically the generator) that are connected to the ATS. This prevents accidental power surges when you switch from automatic to manual operation.   

Step 3: Turn on the Manual Override

With the power to the ATS switched off, you can safely move the handle in the other direction. Typically, you want to direct it to the “emergency power” label. Keep in mind that there may be additional steps to do at this point, and they’ll clearly be indicated in the automatic transfer switch manual  

Step 4: Verify the Power Transfer

Check the ATS display or light indicators to confirm that the connection is successfully transferred to the selected power source (your emergency power source).

Step 5: Restore the Power

With the connection switched successfully, you may switch the power back on.   

What Is the Use of an ATS?

Automatic transfer systems allow for an almost instant transfer from primary power to emergency backup power when the primary power is lost. While this may not be a necessity in all establishments, it’s critical in hospitals, data centers, and industrial sectors where a temporary loss of power can be detrimental.   

Final Words

At Precision Industries, we understand the importance of uninterrupted power supply. That’s why we provide ATS solutions paired with generator paralleling to ensure the maximum possible efficiency. We also provide top-of-the-line standby, open-type, and hybrid generators to suit every occasion — all at competitive prices.  Reach out to us with your emergency power needs to receive a free quote. We’ll provide you with a customized plan to suit your industry.