DWQA QuestionsCategory: ATS SwitchCan a Homeowner Install a Transfer Switch?
Pi Team Staff asked 6 months ago
Yes, a homeowner can successfully install a transfer switch without the need for a professional. However, in most cases, it’s strongly recommended to get professional assistance.  The installation of a whole house transfer switch is by no means an easy task. A homeowner’s ability to install a transfer switch depends on the following factors:  

Technical Skills

Having the necessary installation skills is the most important factor during installation. Installing a transfer switch involves working with high-voltage electricity, which requires meticulous expertise. Further, while the overall installation process remains the same, each brand may have different auxiliary steps. As such, the homeowner must have enough experience to understand when extra steps are needed and when to refer back to the installation manual.   

Choosing the Right Transfer Switch

Technical skills won’t be sufficient if the transfer switch is incompatible with your house’s wiring. The high electrical transfer switch price doesn’t mean much at this point, as being more expensive doesn’t mean more compatibility. Compatibility knowledge is as necessary as technical skills while purchasing your transfer switch.  

Taking Necessary Safety Measures

Installing a transfer switch takes time, and power must be disconnected throughout the whole time to ensure safety. Additionally, wearing safety gear and abiding with the instructions manual is mandatory to avoid electrical shocks. 

Permits and Regulations of the Residential Home

Not all cities/states allow homeowners to install a device as sophisticated as a transfer switch without professional assistance. Also, some areas may have permits and/or guidelines for installing transfer switches. That’s another reason to utilize a professional’s help, as they’d already be well aware of these rules and regulations.  

Final Words

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