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Trained professionals at PRECISION INDUSTRIES® ensure each and every product to be free from all the flaws and provide them at most reasonable prices. Our Power Generation products include:

1. Diesel Generators

PRECISION INDUSTRIES® diesel power generator sets remain the number one choice for delivering standby and emergency power for industrial, commercial and home users. Durability, quiet operation, low maintenance and longer life span are a few reasons which make them the preferred power source. Moreover, they are available in numerous sizes and configurations and can be built to your exact specifications.

Open-type DG Set / Closed-type DG Set

2. Canopies

By adopting specialized sound insulation materials, PRECISION INDUSTRIES® has become a widely accepted and recognized supplier in the generator canopy business. Our soundproof enclosures meet our customer's stringent requirements of acoustic performance and timely deliveries. Our products provide clients with performance as designed and come complete with after sales support. Our products undergo rigorous Quality Control checks for rectifying flaws and ability to perform as per design requirements.

Sound-proof Canopies / Super- silent Canopies / Container Canopies

3. Lighting Towers

PRECISION INDUSTRIES® Mobile Lighting Towers provide 4000 watts of lights anywhere you need could be job sites, road constructions, emergency lighting, parking, airport, rental and mining applications. With metal halide lamps they provide light coverage for greater than 4000m2 at an average of 20 lux.

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4. Switches and Control

From a single automatic changeover panel to multiple generators synchronizing panel, we offer a wide comprehensive range of durable and economical control panels.

Automatic Transfer Switches