PI Hybrid System

Innovative Solutions for Enhanced Energy Efficiency: PV-Diesel Hybrid Systems

Precision industries always seeking innovative solutions to increase the efficiency of its energy supply. One of our solutions is the PV-Diesel Hybrid systems.

Industrial applications require a continuous power supply which is usually obtained through the diesel gensets especially where the power grids are not enough or not existed yet. In such cases, consumers suffer not only the diesel cost but also the cost of its storage and transportation.


On the other hand, Photovoltaic systems became abundant, cheap, and feasible, therefore, combining the PV system with the traditional power gensets is promising in sunny countries.

PI hybrid system combines PV system, diesel gensets, and smart controllers which lead to a significant reduction in the fuel consumption and genset maintenance while ensuring the exact reliable power supply based on the demand.

PI provides hybrid systems on different scales from kilowatts up to megawatts.

For a 5 Mega Watt power plant, PI hybrid system uses the PV solar panels to provide up to 60 % of the power. The smart control system is synchronizing automatically the solar and diesel systems considering the load requirement, the solar system variable output, and the minimum gen-set loading. The environmental benefits are also remarkable: emissions and noise pollution are significantly reduced.

Another mode of usage where electricity is stored in batteries and gensets are used only for backup; typically for small-scale and mobile units

Fixed stationary solar system:

Robust and Versatile PI Solar Mounting Systems for Lasting Performance

PI solar mounting systems are designed and built to withstand years of harsh environmental conditions. In order to meet such expectations and to guarantee system durability, we use only high quality galvanized steel structure. The mounting system can be fixed on reinforced concrete foundation or can be Ground Mounted.

  • The optimum orientation and tilt angle of PV panels are chosen in our design.
  • Quick and simple assembly (no welding or special tools
  • Flexible configuration of PV panels with different modules for the optimum use of the available surface area