Oil & Gas Power

In the oil and gas sector, Precision Industries (PI) stands out among generator manufacturers. Our dedicated team is committed to meeting the highest specifications required for generators operating in this industry. If you’re looking for an emergency power generator for sale, Precision Industries is the place to be. 

The PI Oil & Gas series is specially designed and equipped to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in demanding oil and gas environments.

There’s a reason why Precision Industries is among the most reliable diesel generator suppliers in the UAE, and that’s our cutting-edge features. 

Key Features of Our Oil and Gas Series

  • Here is how our oil and gas series stand out from other industrial generator manufacturers:

    Double Bearing Alternator 

    Instead of relying on the conventional single bearing, the double-bearing alternator uses two bearings to support the shaft, offering several advantages:

    • Improving the overall balance

    • Enhancing the performance

    • Improving the reliability of the generator.

    Enclosure Ingress Protection

    Ingress protection (commonly known as IP) is how the device can withstand elements like dust and water. With a reliable IP rating of 55, our generators are well-safeguarded against dust and water ingress. 

    Protection Relay

    Protection relay monitors detect technical or electrical anomalies in their early stages, minimizing the damage of such issues and potentially preventing more complex problems. 

    Efficient Coupling Type

    Utilizing the highly efficient VULKAN and VULKARDAN-G performance gears paired with flexible rubber elements, our generators are able to:

    • Minimize mechanical stress

    • Reduce vibrations

    • Smoothen the power transmission

    Drop-Over Enclosure with IP44 Ingress Protection

    In addition to the IP55 our generator company standardizes in all our products, there’s an additional drop-over enclosure with an IP rating of 44 to provide additional protection against dust and water. 

    This allows our power generators to be safely used outdoors even with occasional harsh elements.

    Low Residual Acoustic Noise Level

    Engineered to achieve a residual acoustic noise level of 85 dB at a distance of 1 meter, we are among the quietest generator suppliers in Dubai. To give you an idea about how quiet our generators are, a normal conversation stands around 60 dB. 

    Fire Extinguishing System with Fire Detection System (JANUS-JFS-C1)

    Equipped to detect and suppress fires efficiently, prioritizing safety in the oil and gas industry.

    At Precision Industries, we understand the unique requirements and challenges of the Oil and gas sector.


    Our Oil and gas series is specifically designed to meet these demands, delivering reliable power and performance in even the most demanding environments. Trust PI to provide generators that meet the highest standards for the Oil and gas industry.