Precision Industries MD visiting the Attarat Oil Shale Power Plant project in Jordan

Mr. Motasim Al Daour, the Managing Director of Precision Industries, recently visited the Attarat Oil Shale Power Plant project in Jordan. This project is significant as it marks the first power plant in the Middle East that utilizes the direct burning of oil shale in a fluidized bed steam boiler to power two 235 MW air-cooled steam turbines.

The purpose of Mr. Al Daour’s visit was to exchange valuable information and insights on various subjects related to power generation. As an industry expert, his presence aimed to foster collaboration and enhance the knowledge sharing between Precision Industries and the Attarat Oil Shale Power Plant project team.

The project, which commenced a year ago, is scheduled for completion by 2020. The oil shale mine associated with the power plant has an impressive capacity of 10 million tons per year, highlighting its significant contribution to the energy sector in Jordan.

By engaging with this pioneering project, Precision Industries reaffirms its commitment to staying at the forefront of power generation technologies and solutions. The visit allows for the exchange of expertise and experiences, paving the way for future collaborations and the development of innovative and sustainable power generation solutions in the region.