Lighting Tower

Precision Industries ® is one of the leading tower light suppliers in the UAE. Our lighting towers come with 4,000 or 6,000 watts metal halide lamps. Whichever lighting tower you choose, you can use it at sites, road constructions, emergency requirements, airports, and rental and mining applications. 

The light coverage exceeds 4000 m2 at an average of 20 lux. The PI® mobile lighting Tower is powered by the dependable KUBOTA  (or) PERKINS diesel Gensets.

It has a robust construction and is designed for constant towing to withstand the harshest weather and handling conditions.

The P.I Mobile lighting Tower are powered by the dependable KUBOTA (or) PERKINS diesel Gensets, has a robust construction and is designed for constant towing, withstand harshest weather and handling conditions.

Salient Features:

    • Four Powerful 1000 Watts Metal Lamps: Supported on both ends for enhanced durability and longevity.

    • Elliptical Shape Reflectors: Polished and oxidation-treated surface with high reflectivity.

    • Individual Floodlight On/Off Switches: Provides control over each lamp for maximum versatility.

    • Auxiliary Power Socket: Additional power outlet for convenience.

    • A Sturdy Enclosure: Constructed with heavy-gauge polyester powder coat finish; vertical type gas spring open door with latch release.

    • Lifting Eyes and Fork Pockets: Four lifting eyes and fork pockets for easy transportation.

    • 30 Ft (9 m) Mast Height: 3-section, tubular steel mast with galvanized and powder-coated finish for extended long-range illumination.

    • UHMW Glide Pads: Ensures smooth mast tube movement.

    • Low Noise Operation: Quiet 65 dB(A) at 23 feet (7 m).

    • Self-Braking Winches: Designed for fast and easy tower erection and extension.

    • 360-degree Tower Rotation: Spring-loaded pin-point for precise light positioning at the work site.

    • Convenient Mobility: Tongue weight of 155 lbs (with a full fuel load) allows easy movement around job sites.

    • Excellent Fuel Economy: Provides up to 65 hours of running time per tank of fuel (127 liters), making it one of the most efficient tower light generators in this price range.

    • Internal Room LED Lighting System: Illuminates the interior for better visibility at night.

    • Quality Trailer Suspension: Designed for speeds up to 80km/h.

    • Multiple Engine Protection Features: Includes low oil pressure, high-temperature shutdown protection, and runtime hour indicator.

    • Multiple Lighting Features: Brake light, indicator light, running light, reverse light, parking light, and license plate light.

    • Manual Holder: Contains the operating manual book on the control panel door.

    Optional Features

    • Extra 4 Metal Halide Bulbs

    • Adjustable Towing Tongue Height

    • Halogen Light

    • LED Lighting