Oil and Gas


Oil and Gas sector has a special share from PI development plan, since we are located in the Arabian Gulf region we have to come to the “at site power” demand for rigging and extraction.

This application requires a special and tailor made Generating sets to able to provide power and operate in a critical gaseous atmosphere safely and with high efficiency.

PI engineers owns the Engineering Know-How and the credibility to offer a complete turnkey Oil and gas power generation project and provide you with the right solution in the shape of a Reliable product with all the related calculations and documentation needed.



Remote, dusty, under direct sun and harsh environment farms, also needs the energy solution on field, PI Generating sets will be the best choice to light your set ups and make sure of running your irrigation systems and pumps in the field

Data Centers


Secured Power source and Proper Cooling system are a vital element in Data Centers to keep the Data storage and flow from loss, for that reason PI can provide complete turnkey Solution for the special requirements for Data Center.



Telecom sites and Base station include Remote sites to cover cellular services in Deserts and rural areas, PI telecom Power series sets with power range from 8 to 60 kVA designed to either give backup and Continuous power to Tower Cell or to charge batteries in the BTS, more over Extended services Periods and Extended Fuel tanks all integrated with Remote monitoring and control system, that could be connected to CCU (Central Control Unit).

Diesel Power Plant


Generating Sets can inject the Electricity in the utility Grid even for rural and far areas or as an excess energy from some industrial plants, to form Independent electricity producers and distributed power Generation Plants

Precision Industries provides reliable and turnkey Power Generation plants, in the shape of Containerized Generating sets and installed in closed rooms.

PI Custom made and between hands solutions meet your requirements as closely as possible, offering you guaranteed reliability and compliance with technical and environmental standards.

Success Story (Read More) “Mega Project”



Generating sets for Rental purposes need to be with high mobility, power, options and performance integrated with rigidity.

With PI rental series, you as an equipment Rental company will have the whole solution wrapped between your hands.

Robust design.

Extended and sectional tanks

Push button Switchable frequency 50/60 Hz.

GPRS/3G remote control and monitoring options

External power sockets 1 and 3 phase

Easy accessibility and maintenance

External fuel filling point.

Easy lifting points.

Synchronization Module

Healthcare Facilities


Hospitals and clinics must have sustainable power supply to ensure the operation of the critical application devices and Intensive care units, where the power cut will be with very severe consequences.

For this Application PI has the ability provide a Reliable Generating set solution which will be ready to supply at the right time without failure.



Construction sites need prime power to operate continuously with no black out.
For this application PI provides wide range of heavy duty and robust Generating sets, well-designed to perform under harsh environments like dust, particles, direct humidity and temperature

Lighting Towers

PI lighting towers will guarantee your lighting requirements at site for night shifts and Roads construction, with our product variety we can supply single-phase 4 poles, 3 phase 6 poles, LED, Halogen and Solar Hybrid Lighting towers.



With Our PI Generating Set, you will be in a peace of mind in the mines, our Mining custom made design employ the best Material for a rigid Enclosure along with well-engineered special filtration system to protect the Engine from dust and particles.