Containerized Generators

Precision Industries Containerized generators are the ideal solution if your power grid is constantly subjected to dust and rain. A containerized generator set is also ideal if your site has strict acoustical requirements (a hospital for example). 

Our fully customized and fabricated containers come in sizes of 20 and 40 ft. Whether standard or HC, all our containerized generators are easy to load and transport, making them suitable for various applications like oil and gas fields, rental, hybrid, and independent power plants (IPP).


Further, our products undergo an extensive regime of quality control checks to identify any flaws that may hinder the products from performing as advertised. As such, our generators follow the ISO standards agreed upon by international experts. 


In addition to our standard acoustic enclosures and ISO 20, 40 HQ containers, we custom design and manufacture silenced and super-silenced containers for any size or brand of diesel power genset, leaving the ISO lifting and transportation points intact.

Salient Features

  • Container Generator Universal Design: Accommodates a wide range of generators for versatile installation.

  • Enhanced Noise Attenuation: Custom designing a container for a generator greatly reduces noise for larger gensets, ensuring quieter operation.

  • Externally Stop Button: Every container generator we have provides easy access for immediate shutdown when needed.

  • Soundproof Door: Provides effective noise insulation to minimize sound leakage.

  • Cable Entry Position: Conveniently located for efficient cable management.

  • Air-Inlet and Outlet with Acoustical Louvers: Designed for optimal ventilation and noise reduction.

  • ISO Standard Heavy-Duty Locks: Ensures security and compliance with international standards.

  • Extra Dual-Pass Silencer: Enhances noise reduction for improved acoustic performance.

  • Fluorescent Light Along Inner Walls: Equipped with lighting and switch conduit for a well-lit interior.

  • Fire Extinguishers: Safety measures in place to respond to potential fire hazards.

  • Ladder: Accessory for ease of movement and maintenance.

  • External Fuel Inlet and Return Provision: Simplifies fuel management and refueling.

  • Interior Insulation Covered by GI Perforated Sheets: Provides thermal and sound insulation.