CCHP & Solar Cooling Via the Smart Adsorption Chiller

Reducing Carbon Footprint Through Clean
Renewable Energy Technologies

The rapid increase of power and energy demand around the world accompanied with the predictable depletion of natural resources of fossil fuel, as well as its harmful effect on global climate and environmental change has recalled for insistent and innovative solutions that help in solving the energy crisis.

One of the solutions is to -to reduce the Carbone Footprint as much as possible by using clean renewable energy technologies. Another important solution is the distributed energy system which is more cost-effective and efficient in the long term. Increasing the total efficiency of the Diesel generator by utilizing the waste heat energy in a useful manner is the first step in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (REEE) policies One assured approach of the energy efficiency solutions – is the combined cooling, heating, and power (CCHP) which uses the  waste energy from the current generator to generate cooling as a very useful by-product next to electricity. This is done via PI new developed invention of the air-cooled smart chiller which can operate at ambient temperatures up to 55 C. Consequently our (CCHP) achieves high efficient recovery of wasted energy and comply the environmental requirements. This process is a highly efficient use of input energy and results in economic savings, reduced emissions, and reduced overall primary energy consumption (PEC).

Efficient Cooling Solutions: Harnessing Solar Thermal Power for PI Smart Chillers

Another solution is to use the solar thermal power as the source of the thermal energy needed to power PI smart chiller. Solar thermal collectors have much higher efficiency than Photo Voltaic (PV) panels and lesser cost per energy output. Furthermore, thermal energy can be easily stored via thermal storage tanks resulting in a more reliable and lesser cost than the needed batteries to store electricity. As such, night mode cooling is convenient with this systems.