Acoustic Sound Proof

Open Type

PRECISION INDUSTRIES® diesel power generator sets remain the number one choice for delivering standby and emergency power for industrial, commercial and home users. Durability, quiet operation, low maintenance and longer life span are a few reasons which make them the preferred power source. Moreover, they are available in numerous sizes and configurations and can be built to your exact specifications.

P.I closed-type gensets are ready to run gensets that are mounted on heavy-duty steel skids. They are packaged with an integrated base fuel tank which provides long hours of operation, at 100 percent load.

Important features:

  • Secure maintenance access
  • Lifting eye
  • Set mounted tropical duty radiator
  • Engine driven cooling fan with protection guard
  • Low noise
  • Control panel Inspection window
  • Fork-lift pockets
  • Emergency shutdown for low oil pressure and high water temperature
  • Large bottom fuel tank to ensure long working time
  • Exhaust flexible sections with connections
  • Loads and function test
  • Powder Coated Canopy to P.I Standard finish
  • Factory load testing
  • Rubber mounted vibrator isolator
  • Full digital control panel with wide range of controllers to cover all your requirements and features
  • Capability to connect it to ATS
  • Capability to add auxiliaries systems
  • Ability to connect the genset to the network

* Fuel monitoring and feeding system, oil monitoring and feeding system, auto dummy load system etc.
* Start from receiving SMS and e-mails for the basic controllers upto full controlling & monitoring