Industrial Generating Sets

Open Type

PRECISION INDUSTRIES® Generating sets are the preferred choice for reliable power sources in both prime and standby applications. We offer a wide range of Open type generating sets in various sizes.

These sets are often installed in closed and contaminated rooms, integrated with other systems in multiple configurations.

Open Type

For silent operation and reliable protection, PRECISION INDUSTRIES® offers the Acoustic range of Generating sets.

Equipped with engineered, heavy-duty, and robust canopies, these sets ensure low levels of noise emissions and protection from dust and harsh weather conditions, maintaining peak operation for PI generating sets.


PRECISION INDUSTRIES® Containerized generating sets are designed to provide reliable power in harsh environmental conditions and meet strict acoustical requirements.

They are available in standard 20ft. and 40ft. sizes as containerized generating sets.

We also provide fully customized and fabricated containers for different specifications and applications such as Oil & Gas fields, Rental, Hybrid, and Independent Power Plants (IPP).

Our products undergo rigorous Quality Control checks to rectify flaws and ensure they perform as per design requirements.

Our Industrial – Open Type generating sets offer (400/230V) or (220/127V) output, operating at 1500/1800 rpm. These sets feature heavy-duty, self-priming diesel fuel systems, circuit breakers, critical-grade silencers, industrial silencers, emergency-stop switches, 12 or 24-volt starters and alternators, belt and fan guards, dry type air-cleaners, vibration isolator mounts, and digital auto start controls with safety shutdown and fault indications.

Our products range from 7 KVA to 3000 KVA. P.I gensets are designed to meet your requirements, utilizing engines such as CUMMINS, PERKINS, KUBOTA & DEUTZ, and alternators such as STAMFORD, LEROY SOMER & MECCALTE.

Important features:

  • Automatic starting system
  • Single and three-phase options
  • Battery charging Alternator
  • Factory load testing
  • Mainline circuit breaker
  • Skid-mounted with fuel tank
  • Rubber-mounted vibration isolator
  • Industrial engine
  • Industrial muffler
  • Full digital control panel with a wide range of controllers to meet all your requirements and features, including power indicator light and fuel light
  • Emergency shutdown for low oil pressure and high water temperature
  • Large bottom fuel tank to ensure long working time
  • Capability to connect to ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)
  • Capability to add auxiliary systems
  • Ability to connect the genset to the network

* Fuel monitoring and feeding system, oil monitoring and feeding system, auto dummy load system, etc.

* Start from receiving SMS and emails for the basic controllers up to full controlling & monitoring

Open Type

P.I closed-type Gensets are ready to run Gensets that are mounted on heavy-duty steel skids. They are packaged with an integrated base fuel tank which provides long hours of operation, at 100 percent load.

Important features:

  • Secure maintenance access
  • Lifting eye
  • Set mounted tropical duty radiator
  • Engine driven cooling fan with protection guard
  • Low noise
  • Control panel Inspection window
  • Fork-lift pockets
  • Emergency shutdown for low oil pressure and high water temperature
  • Large bottom fuel tank to ensure long working time
  • Exhaust flexible sections with connections
  • Loads and function test
  • Powder Coated Canopy to P.I Standard finish
  • Factory load testing
  • Rubber mounted vibrator isolator
  • Full digital control panel with wide range of controllers to cover all your requirements and features
  • Capability to connect it to ATS
  • Capability to add auxiliaries systems
  • Ability to connect the genset to the network

* Fuel monitoring and feeding system, oil monitoring and feeding system, auto dummy load system etc.
* Start from receiving SMS and e-mails for the basic controllers upto full controlling & monitoring

In addition to our standard acoustic enclosures and ISO 20ft., 40ft. HQ containers, we custom design and manufacture silenced and super-silenced containers for any size or brand of diesel power genset, while preserving the ISO lifting and transportation points.

Salient features:

  • Universal design, allowing a wide range of generators to be installed
  • Enhanced noise attenuation for larger gensets
  • Externally stop button
  • Soundproof door
  • Cable entry position
  • Air-inlet and outlet with acoustical louvers
  • ISO standard heavy-duty locks
  • Extra dual-pass silencer
  • Fluorescent light along inner-walls with lighting switch conduit
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Ladder
  • External fuel inlet and return provision
  • Interior insulation covered by GI perforated sheets
  • Various control and monitoring options

Automatic Transfer Switches ensure that if a main electrical source fails, the power supply automatically switches over to the backup supply, ensuring a continuous flow of electricity. An automatic transfer switch is particularly important in applications such as hospitals, data centers, and greenhouses.

Customized Power Systems

Generator paralleling controllers allow users to have multiple generators running at the same time, ensuring they all operate at optimum efficiency. Whether you need an emergency backup system, synchronization with the mains grid, or a combination of different sizes and models of generators in a single installation, PI has a product that provides the control you require.



Customized Power Systems