Customized Power Systems

Why PI-Power Systems

  1. Solution Provider of customized power system
  2. Proper design as per customer requirements
  3. Qualified sub vendors and reliable outsourced items (AVM, Muffler, Controller, Breaker, ATS, Cables)
  4. IQA, approved prototype for each size by engine manufacturers
  5. Direct access of engine manufacturers for after sales support
  6. PI Power System are built and released according to international standards (ISO 3046, ISO 8528, BS5514, NEMA1-32, – IEC34)

A few Generator manufacturers can talk about this sector.
PI with its team comply with the highest specifications that a generator can work with.

PI Oil & Gas series are specified with:

  • Double Bearing Alternator with Enclosure Ingress Protection: IP55
  • Protection relay
  • Coupling Type: VULKAN, VULKARADN-G with rubber flexible element
  • Drop Over Enclosure with IP44 ingress protection
  • Residual Acoustic Noise Level @ 1 m: 85 dB(A)
  • Fire extinguishing system with fire detection system (JANUS-JFS-C1)
Customized Power Systems

With our new customized and specialized build generator range for rental application, PI launched its new range of generators to serve the market with an efficient and heavy duty product, operate in harsh environment with best returns.

PI Rental series are equipped with:

  • Heavy duty, Large capacity and segmented fuel tank.
  • Handled easily with filled tank.
  • Multiple external utilization sockets.
  • Integrated sliding ladders
  • Lube oil top-up system.
  • Protection Relays.
  • Enclosure with motorized louvers.
  • Fuel Leakage detection sensors.
  • Anti-condensation and Jacket-water heaters.
  • Reconnectable Alternator with 12 ends.
  • Tank synchronization provision.
  • Remote annunciator and GPS system.
Customized Power Systems

PRECISION INDUSTRIES Telecom Diesel Generating (TDG) set with power range from 8 to 60 kVA designed to either give backup and Continuous power to Tower Cell or to charge batteries in the BTS.

Special Features:

  1. Powered by Air, Oil or Water Cooled Engines.
  2. Weather & Soundproof Canopies (SL: 70 dB(A)@1m).
  3. Extended Built Robust Fuel Tank upto 1000L.
  4. Integrated ATS or AMF Panel.
  5. Remote Monitoring via Ethernet or GSM Modules.
  6. Optional Lube Oil Top-up System for Extended period.
  7. AMF and Remote Start Controller.
Customized Power Systems