Industrial Acoustic Soundproof Generator

Being one of the leading diesel generator suppliers in the UAE, Precision Industries has a premium range of over 132 diesel industrial power generators for sale. Our diesel power generator sets remain the number one choice for delivering standby and emergency power for industrial, commercial, and home users.


Besides reliability, durability, quiet operation, low maintenance, and longer life span are a few reasons that make them the ideal diesel power generators.

Additionally, they are available in multiple sizes and configurations to cater to your exact needs. Our closed-type soundproof generator sets are ready to operate in any location for extended durations.


They are mounted on heavy-duty steel skids and packaged with integrated base fuel tanks that provide extended hours of work, even at 100% capacity. 

Key Features of Precision Industries Diesel Generation System

    • Secure maintenance access

    • Lifting eye for easy handling

    • Set mounted tropical duty radiator

    • Engine-driven cooling fan with protection guard

    • Low noise operation

    • Control panel with inspection window

    • Fork-lift pockets for convenient transportation

    • Emergency shutdown system for low oil pressure and high water temperature

    • Large bottom fuel tank for extended operating hours

    • Exhaust flexible sections with connections

    • Factory load testing for quality assurance

    • Powder-coated canopy to PI standard finish

    • Rubber-mounted vibrator isolator for vibration-damping

    • Full digital control panel with a wide range of controllers

    • Ability to add auxiliary systems such as automatic transfer switches (ATS)

    • Capability to connect the generator to the network

    • Additional features include fuel monitoring, oil monitoring, and auto dummy load system

    • Remote monitoring and control options, including SMS and email alerts

    If you’re looking for a diesel power generator for sale, Precision Industries will have what you need. Our generators are highly customizable, come in different sizes and specifications, are highly fuel-efficient, easy to repair and maintain, are well-lit, and are quite affordable.